What's the Strangest Thing You have Ever Delivered?

We get asked this question a lot! And, of course we have shipped a few strange items in the past but I always think the question should be 'What's the most interesting thing you have ever shipped?' I started ALC Global in 2003 after having a bad experience with a well known courier service to send some paintings from USA to UK for an exhibition. They arrived late and damaged and this made me think: 'There must be a way to send things from A to B safely and securely'. And ALC Global (well, Bullit Couriers back then) was born. Originally we only provided services to the Art World, shipping valuable and fragile items, and because of this we got to ship some very strange and interesting things.

How do I pack my items to send with a courier company?

In my many years working in the courier and freight industry I have been asked literally hundreds of times the best way to pack something in a box so it doesn't get damaged while in transit. While your parcel is in our care we take care of it. We treat it with respect! We even ocassionally re-pack parcels that arrive in our depot if they are not fit for transit. But it is no secret that when a parcel goes into the parcel network and begins its journey to its destination it can get bumped about a bit. In the space of 24 hours your parcel can visit 4 different depots and be on and off half a dozen vehicles. So, it is essential that your item is packed correctly for safe transit. Some Packing T

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