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What's the Strangest Thing You have Ever Delivered?

We get asked this question a lot! And, of course we have shipped a few strange items in the past but I always think the question should be 'What's the most interesting thing you have ever shipped?'

I started ALC Global in 2003 after having a bad experience with a well known courier service to send some paintings from USA to UK for an exhibition. They arrived late and damaged and this made me think: 'There must be a way to send things from A to B safely and securely'. And ALC Global (well, Bullit Couriers back then) was born.

Originally we only provided services to the Art World, shipping valuable and fragile items, and because of this we got to ship some very strange and interesting things.

Probably the strangest (and saddest) but not art related was when we were asked to collect a dead dog from its owner and send it to a vet for cremation. The owner was so distraught that we decided not to charge her... it just seemed wrong to .

On the animal theme, we used to have a client who would send live fish, just tiny ones. They would survive the 24 hour transit time encased in a wet sponge-like substance, and this always amazed me.

We once got a call from a famous DJ who was doing a gig in Hong Kong. He had arrived in HK but unfortunately his record box hadn't. The airline had mis-routed it. He asked us to collect another box of records from a London address and get them to Hong Kong before the end of the next day. The only way we could do this was to put a courier on the next flight to HK and hand deliver them. Which we did! The records were delivered 3 hours before the gig and the DJ was very happy.

Other things we have hand delivered are Princess Diana's wedding shoes. These needed to go to a collector in Berlin and because of both the money and historical value we decided that the safest way was to hand deliver them. Here they are in the process of being packed for their Journey. They

Princess Dianas wedding shoes

are in a nice ornate box that has then been placed into an aluminium case with lots of padding for protection.

On the fashion theme we have also packed and shipped Audrey Hepburns famous black Givenchy dress, Michael Jackson hat and Rudolf Nureyevs ballet shoes. Each of these items required specialist packing and insurance.

We have packed and shipped many artworks over the years including works by Banksy, D*FACE, John Lennon (lithographs) to name but a few. Again, all these items required very special packing and insuring.

This is just a few of the interesting things we have shipped over the years, there are many more! But it goes to show that we can handle pretty much anything and, above all, handle it with the care it deserves.

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